Privacy Policy

CasTechTokyo Inc. (“CasTechTokyo”) stipulates this Privacy Policy as the basic matters to be complied for properly managing and operating the individual information which CasTechTokyo owns in the service operated by CasTechTokyo on the Website (“Service”). CasTechTokyo will promote the protection of individual information by ensuring all the CasTechTokyo’s employees to understand the importance of this Privacy Policy.

Article 1. Individual Information

Individual Information” shall mean the information which is included in the Service and can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, likeness including images/movies or other description contained in such information.

Article 2. Purpose to Collect and Use the Individual Information

CasTechTokyo shall collect and use the Individual Information for the following purposes:

  1. provision of the Service;
  2. maintaining an environment in order to safely use the Service;
  3. operation and management of the Service;
  4. inquiring and collecting the data for the Service, researching and developing the Service;
  5. advertisement of the CasTechTokyo’s products or service;
  6. communicating required between CasTechTokyo and User, etc.;
  7. other purposes agreed between CasTechTokyo and User, etc.; and
  8. the purposes incidental to the foregoing items (1) through (7).

Article 3. Provision and Disclosure of Individual Information

  1. CasTechTokyo shall not provide or disclose the User’s Individual Information to any third parties except as otherwise provided in any of the following items:
    1. in the case that the User agree;
    2. in the case that the provision or disclosure is based on laws and regulation;
    3. in the case that the provision or disclosure is required to protect one’s life, body and property and it is hard to obtain the User’s approval;
    4. in the case that CasTechTokyo entrusts the third party with handling of the Individual Information within the scope of the purpose of use stipulated in Article 2; or
    5. in the case that business is taken over due to the merger, the company split, the transfer of business operation or others.
  2. Notwithstanding Article 3.1, if determining it appropriate to cause CasTechTokyo’s affiliate companies or agencies to provide the service for the User or respond to inquiry of the User, etc., CasTechTokyo may provide the User’s address, name, phone number or the like for the said affiliate companies, etc. In the case referred to in this Article 3.2, the User may request CasTechTokyo to stop providing the Individual Information for the said affiliate companies, etc.

Article 4. Contact concerning the Individual Information

If the User has any question concerning the disclosure, amendment or deletion and the like of his/her Individual Information, the User may contact CasTechTokyo through the inquiry form.

Article 5. Others

  1. Access Information
    Please note that CasTechTokyo may acquire the User’s access log in the Website for the purpose of improving the Service. The purpose of acquiring the access log is not to identify the User’s Individual Information.
  2. Cookie
    CasTechTokyo uses the Cookie in a part of the Website in order to use it comfortably. CasTechTokyo does not regard the Cookie and IP address information as the individual information because they can't identify the specific individual by themselves. For clarification, the User can reject to accept the Cookie by changing the setting of browser.