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By digitalization of analog casting process, CasTech dramatically reduces "time and effort" of all involved parties, and help realizing digital transformation.
CasTech is a global platform that enables full remote, cross-country/cross-regional casting.


- In ordering works -

- In getting works -

Get highly accurate, easy and swift matching with CasTech rich database

CasTech matching system designed based on knowledge gained from production, casting & talent business.

Search for cast members by various conditions according to your plan from the huge amount of registered data.

CasTech Feature

For those ordering works

For those getting works

Usage Flow

For those ordering works

  • 1.Create account

  • 2.Register project

  • 3.Search cast/Offer

  • 4.Select cast

For those getting works

  • 1.Create account

  • 2.Register profile

  • 3.Apply

  • 4.Selected as cast


The fee is divided into a monthly subscription fee and the commission charged for each project completed.
The following special rates are available only during the β-version.